What Lies behind the evolution?

The Faculty of Architecture is aiming to a strategic transformation in both its organizat-ional and academic structure. Separation, bundling and merging of different fields, that looks/or not in a way similar, will be the mechanism of executing the goals.
The evolution of the department of architecture into a faculty aims to the development of teaching the architecture and increasing its efficiency through new tools and mechanisms. It enhances the relation between the Faculty of Architecture and the professional organizations and the entire society.

The Faculty Objectives of the Faculty of Architecture are:

Serving the Sudanese community and contributing to the development and welfare of society.

-  Encourage, enrich and develop scientific research in the field of architecture and design.
-  Development of curricula, syllabi and teaching in the fields of architecture and design.
-  Recommendation to grant academic degrees, along the lines permitted by the faculty
-  Contribution to the areas of architecture, urban planning, urban design, construction and housing in cooperation with the competent institutions -Upgrading of the profession of architecture as a distinct engineering discipline.
 - Training in the areas of urban planning and architecture, design, construction and housing.
-  Implementation or supervision of the work, which is specialized in architecture and urban design, construction, housing and the provision of technical consultancy, training and rehabilitation and all that would upgrade the community.