Welcome form the Dean


Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Khartoum. What started as a small department within the Faculty of Engineering and architecture in 1957, has blossomed into a full fledged Faculty of Architecture in 2007. Throughout those fifty years several generations of architects and planners have graduated and shouldered the responsibility of nurturing a burgeoning profession that proved to be indispensible for the tasks of nation building and development not only in Sudan but also in Arab countries.

Being the first Faculty of Architecture in Sudan lays on us a big responsibility in setting a good example for other schools of architecture that look to us as a big brother (or sister) to emulate and learn from. Furthermore, most of the new schools of architecture in Sudan and Arab countries attract their trained cadres from our Faculty, thus posing a big challenge for us to train sufficient qualified scholars and professionals, while at the same time keeping ours

In the globally interconnected world that we live in today, the challenges we face are even greater. The free flow of knowledge facilitated by the great advances in ICT, has made it possible for everybody to access a wealth of information that was hitherto accessible to a fortunate few. This state of affairs necessitates adopting new models of teaching in which the student becomes a participant and the teacher assumes the role of facilitator in knowledge propagation and sharing