Department of Architectural Design

Department of Architectural Design

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In 1957 the department of Architecture was instituted offering a degree in Architectural science within the Faculty of Engineering. The first batch of students with B.Sc. in Architectural Science graduated in 1961. Since then, the department had undergone several major changes and developments that culminated in the 2007 upgrade of the department into a faculty.

The Department of Architectural Design (DoAD) administers, and co-ordinates the contribution of other departments in, the inherited legacy programme (BSc in Architecture); the sole undergraduate degree offered by the Faculty. Since October 2013, the Department of Architectural Design also administers the MSc in Architecture programme. Although being envisioned for decades, this promising postgraduate programme is recently approved. The programme had accepted its first batch of students in 2013.

The BSc in Architecture program is of multi/trans-disciplinary nature that values and respects contributions of other, conventional as well as emerging, academic disciplines. We also take pride in the fact that our faculty (35 members), staff, and students (450 approx.) come from various backgrounds and had trained at all parts of the world, and we welcome their diverse perspectives and contributions. It is our policy to provide a working and learning environment in which faculty, staff, and students are able to realize their full potential as productive members of the architectural community. At present, beside this program, the department offers other postgraduate courses: Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture, MSc in Architecture (by-Research), MSc in Architecture (by course), and PhD in Architecture.



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  Ust. Tamir Elsadig

Department staff

  Dr. Abubakr A. Merghani

  Dr. Tellal Saeed

  Dr. Malathe Hamid

  Ust. Gadisia Ibrahim