Department of Construction Management and Economics

Department of Construction Management and Economics


About the unit

The Department of Construction Management & Economics (DoCME) works collaboratively with the Department of Architectural Design, Department of Physical Planning and Urban Design, and Department of Housing in the teaching, research, and consultancy services carried at the Faculty of Architecture (FoA). The department forms a pillar in the award of undergraduate degree through its responsibility of the design, delivery, monitoring, and development of 25 courses out of the 66 courses taught in addition to its active participation in 10 design studio modules. These courses covers a wide range of fields in teaching architecture, including construction technology, structures, construction management, building services, and quantity surveying. The DoCME participates actively in the award of postgraduate degrees through the collaborative involvement with the other three departments. The department is also concerned about the development of the education, research, and professional practice in architecture through its focus on capacity building by organizing regular CPD courses and workshops that target and involve different professionals and stakeholders of the Sudanese Construction Industry (SCI) including firms and organizations within the public and private sectors; such as government ministries and authorities, consultancy, contracting, real estate investment and development, materials manufacturing, banking, insurance, etc.


Head of Unit


  Ust. Rasha Abubakr


Department staff


  Dr. Akram Elkhalifa

  Dr. Yagoup Shaddad

  Ust. Sulaiman Ali

  Ust. Rawya Mohammed

  T.A.  Zeinab Ahmed (Assistant)

  T.A.  Duaa Abd Alhaleem (Assistant)

  T.A.  Walaa Munir Osman Ahmed (Assistant)