Department of Self-Evaluation and Quality

Self-Evaluation and Quality Control unit

About the unit

The Self-Evaluation and Quality Control unit will provide all that is deemed useful to ensure achieving quality and excellence in all activities and functions carried out by the Faculty, which include all its educational, administrative, research and professional activities, such as learning and educational environment quality, training, community scientific research and integrity of the environment.

It is also interested in spreading the culture of quality and self-evaluation within the faculty community. Further, it provides a database for all physical and human components along with the culture of documentation. The Department seeks to promote performance and maintain the pioneering role of the university and its prestigious position internally, regionally and internationally.  Furthermore, the unit works in collaboration with the University of Khartoum’s IT department in creating and designing the Faculty’s page on the new University website.

More recent goals for the unit have emerged with the covid-19 pandemic including implementing the online teaching in the Faculty gradually in stages until being fully online. This also includes dealing with challenges related to re-invigorating the Learning Management System of the university, and promote it as the main supporting educational platform for both staff and students.


Head of Unit

Dr Malathe Gamal Hamid is the head of the unit. She has developed her interest in higher education teaching, learning and evaluation after gaining the Preparing to teach in Higher education certificate, Nottingham UK. Where she undertook courses in Teaching and learning, Evaluation, Working in teams skills, Assertiveness and Creative thinking. Her interest in exploring and realising these skills in the Faculty of architecture is her main motivation for the unit.

Moreover, Dr Malathe Hamid is currently a Lecturer at the University of Khartoum – Faculty of Architecture She undertook her PhD in Architecture (social science) from the University of Nottingham/UK. Her current research focuses on exploring the architectural and urban Pattern Language of Khartoum by applying it to certain contexts aiming to interpret issues such as place, image and identity in an entirely new way. The broader aim of her future research aims to link education with the practice and the local government, hence making students more aware of their role in the community.


Department staff


  T.A.  Walaa Munir Osman Ahmed (Assistant)


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Official email


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Unit symposia


Activities include:

1.       Regular meetings with Faculty’s Heads of Departments for updates and work-plan

2.       Meetings with the University of Khartoum IT department for creating the Faculty’s page on the website and solving any rising issues within the LMS.

3.       Regular meetings –at the unit level- to prepare for the end of semester evaluation process.


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