Department of Housing


 The Department of Housing Studies was founded after the late conversion of the former Department of Architecture (founded in1957) into the Faculty of Architecture, University of Khartoum in 2007, and based on the Institute of Housing Studies which was established in 1999, Since housing is the most fundamental issue in both architectural and urban design levels, the Department, been the first of its kind, has already established relationships with different housing institutes and architectural schools inside and outside Sudan with the concern of starting its research activities in various housing issues

As Sudan is in the verge of a major economical revolution after the peace agreement in 2005, it became a context of many conflicts in the know-how housing problems are to be tackled such as finance and affordability, services and public utilities, environment and health. Therefore, the establishment of such department will contribute in how housing issues should be researched and resolved. The Department will be a key-role player in the upcoming National Project for Housing in Sudan.