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About the Department

The Department of Planning and Urban Design DPUD (formerly the Department of Architecture) is the first planning department to offer post-graduate degrees in planning in Sudan. The department has a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Our graduates can be found in senior positions all over the country and the wider region. The DPUD currently runs two master programmes by courses in Urban Planning and Management and Urban Design. The DPUD also offers master and doctorate degrees by research. We believe at the DPUD that planning and designing at its heart is a creative process, we encourage our students always to be at the forefront of discussion and debate to help improve our understanding of cities and offering ideas and solutions. We also collaborate with different governmental, professional, civil societies and international bodies in various ways ranging from capacity building to research projects, initiatives, consultancies and conferences.

Our Research and Agenda

Our research and agenda are geared towards creating a sustainable, livable and socially and economically equitable urban environment. Although our focus on issues mostly related to developing cities, we also engage in larger topics and debates that concern us collectively.

Key Research Areas:

·         Planning Policy and Practice.

·         Sustainability and Urban Design.

·         Urban Densities and Morphology.

·         Urban Governance and Management.

Our People

The DPUD key strength is its staff. The staff are all well-established, reputable and experienced in their field of expertise. We also collaborate with other experienced staff in other related fields.


Head of the Department

Dr Mohamed M Fageir Hussein

Department Staff

Dr Seif Eldin Sadeg

Ust. Mohamed Nageeb Sulieman Elhoweris

Dr Salah Mahmoud Osman Elnus

Dr Gamal Mahmoud Hamid

Dr Khadiga M. Osman

Dr Mohamed M. Fageir Hussein

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