General Regulations For Master's Degree

General Regulations For Master's Degree


Master’s degree may be offered by the Faculties, Institutes and Schools in accordance with University Regulations and any other special regulations approved by the Senate.

Any Faculty, Institute or School which intends to introduce a Master Degree has to submit a proposal showing the need and objectives for such a degree. The submission should include requirements and syllabus. (read mora)

Master in science in physical planning

The department of architecture offers a two-years course in physical planning leading to the degree of master of science in physical planning. The course includes tutorial material (lectures and seminars), group work
(projects), field work and an individual dissertation.

Admission to the course:

1-   candidates shall hold an hours degree of the university of Khartoum or of a recognized university or equivalent, to be approved by the senate of the university. This degree must be in architecture, engineering or any other appropriate discipline.

2-   A qualifying examination may be held were appropriate, for candidates who hold any other qualification.

3-   Candidates who are in employment must obtain consent for full-time release their employers.

4-   Candidates maybe exempted from parts of the course in showing evidence of equivalent accomplishment.  

Admission to examinations:

To be admitted to the examinations each candidates must have followed and approved course of study of the specified list of subjects of the relevant year and satisfied the examiners both in attendance and performance as a full-time student in the university.

First year examinations:

1- to be admitted to the examination each candidate must have followed the approved course of study for first year and satisfy the examiners both attendance and performance for the academic year as a full-time student in  the university.

2- The examination shall be held annually, at the end of the second semester in each session.

3- The examination shall consist of the following subjects:

a- Course work to be completed during the session and to be comprised of studio projects, seminars and essays.

b- A written three hour examination paper on each of the following topics:

I-  Theory and history (course 1).

II- Theory and practice (course 2 and 3).

III- Spatial and infrastructural studies (course 7, 8 and 9).

IV- Planning techniques and low (course 4, 5 and 10).

4- in order to pass the examination a candidate must offer all the above subjects and must obtain such proportion of aggregate mark in all subjects also such proportion of the individual mark in each subject taken separately as shall satisfy the examiners.

5- A pass list shall be published showing the names of all successful candidates in alphabetical order.

6- Candidates who fail in not more than one subject of course work or written examination maybe permitted to take an appropriate supplementary examination to be held immediately before the beginning of the succeeding first semester.

7- Candidates who fail in more than one subject in the first year examination maybe asked to withdraw from the course.

8- Candidates shall not be permitted more than two settings in any one subject.

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